SpeechApplication 1.1

Quickly and easily add speech interfaces to Microsoft ASP.NET Web applications
1.1 (See all)

By using the SASDK, developers can easily create, debug, and deploy speech-enabled ASP.NET Web applications intended for deployment to a computer running Microsoft Speech Server 2004 R2 (MSS). These speech-enabled applications can be designed for devices ranging from telephones to Windows® Mobile™-based devices and desktop PCs.
Developers can use the Microsoft Speech Application SDK (SASDK) Version 1.1 to quickly and easily add speech interfaces to Microsoft ASP.NET Web applications. The development tools included in the SASDK support the Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) specification.
Application authoring tools are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET 2003, giving developers a familiar and powerful development environment. By using the authoring tools in the SASDK, developers can create applications that recognize spoken commands and respond to those commands with a spoken or a visual response.

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